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July 09, 2019   |   Posted in Medicine

Your life is your choice. You can live it powerfully with lots of energy, excitement and enthusiasm or you can drag it the way you desire.

Your life lived is either an inspiration to the next generation or may be it can turn out to be a warning.

We are surrounded by instant gratification to tantalize our taste buds by variety of food available at our doorstep by the click of a button, majority of which is sugary, fried calorie dense and fibreless food to help us satisfy our cravings.

Food industry is more of Entertainment industry to fill in the void of the extra time that I have… Loneliness that I feel or may… be I am too busy working.

Food industry is more keen on revenue produced by the volume sold. I personally believe they are no longer interested in the Nutrition or Health of the Consumer.

Health is a choice we make every moment whether it is Eating right of so called Balanced Diet, or choosing the Exercise I need to tailor make to my life style.

Balance Diet is a circus to be managed and mastered with the information overload through internet and social media, having experts springing up from all corners of the world adding to the confusion & Chaos.

With intermittent Fasting and results produced by Dixit Diets. Million dollar question is wether to eat or not eat? What to eat and when to eat? On the background of all these Fitness Experts, Sports Nutrition, Nutritional  supplements Yoga Gurus, Stress Burtess and most important changing recommendations of Medical Science. We are looking for one GOLDEN MANTRA that fits all. I personally believe there does not exist any.

Basic 4 Principles of optimal Health needs to be followed to the best of our ability…, tailor made to our Lifestyle. You are the best judge what fits you best, according to your potential and working on information step by step, inch by inch to Capitalise on your Health, You deposit there healthy habits in your life’s account so that you can withdraw from it when you can gracefully achieve healthy aging.

E-    Exercise (Daily)

  • Attitude (PMA) (Daily)

R-    REST (Adequate Rest) = 6-8 hrs (Daily)

N-    Nutrition= Good Nutrition with Good Supplementation (Daily)


Use these 4 tools of


PMA Rest,


Natural Supplementation to advance your health the next level.

1% Improvement in all 4 areas daily will take YOU to 30% improved health by end of a month and 365% better YOU by year end.